Essex provides complete design through manufacturing services for all of its key markets. With our strong engineering focus, we have built our business on taking a requirement, a problem or concept and turning it into a product.

Essex Industries is a leader in these four markets, providing personalized customer service, creating problem solving solutions to customer needs and applying our manufacturing expertise.

Essex Industries has been a part of virtually every major military and commercial aerospace program, providing life support systems, ground support systems, platform controls and a wide range of aircraft components.

Essex provides a variety of critical oxygen distribution systems and accessories to EMS air and ground transports. Victim and firefighter filters are available to support rescue efforts.

Essex serves this market with a wide range of protective breathing equipment designed to provide safe egress for individuals in hazardous situations. Thermal/electro-thermal valves and actuators address an important aspect of industrial safety.

Essex Industries is a key partner of respiratory equipment providers, supplying products that serve both the institution and home healthcare markets.

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