The LM-100J control yoke is identical to that of the C-130J. This system handles pitch and roll flight control, as well as the control of various aircraft systems such as pitch trim, communications and other on-board avionics.


The Ergonomic Collective Grip has a unique shape that provides the optimum hand position for long-range comfort, reducing fatigue during flight.  The patent-pending design incorporates additional switches to eliminate hand repositioning or dual seat inputs.

The new Ergonomic Collective Grip enables pilots to fly the aircraft while maintaining control of all electronic switch functions.

Essex developed the Ergonomic Collective Grip for the UH-60 Black Hawk with eight different switches, including a Cursor Slew Switch and HUD Switch, which are not typically available on a collective grip.

The Ergonomic Collective Grip can be modified to fit any rotary platform and is particularly suited to those applications that require a wide range of functionality.  Switches can be changed, as needed, to include uses such as weapon or sensor control.


The 500 Gallon LOX Trailer is a mobile liquid oxygen storage tank assembly.  Designed for the transport and storage of LOX at airbases and military installations, the 500 Gallon LOX Trailer provides a logistics solution for flight line LOX requirements.

The 500 Gallon LOX Trailer can be used with all Essex LOX Converters, BMOS, BMOS-FS, MMOS, NPTLOX, PTLOX and 50 Gallon LOX Carts.

A 500 Gallon LIN Trailer for the transport and storage of liquid nitrogen is also available.

Both 500 Gallon Trailers are qualified to Air Force PD13WRGRVEA05 and tested to MIL-STD-810.

Click here to watch a 500 Gallon LOX Trailer video.


The Solenoid-Operated Radar Cooling Valve is designed for pilot operation on the F-16.  When opened, it allows cooler ECS air to flow into the avionics bay to prevent electronics from overheating.


Flame Arrestors are designed to allow for the venting of fuel vapors while preventing external flames or other ignition sources from entering the fuel lines and supply. Essex flame arrestors are installed in all Boeing commercial aircraft, as well as a number of regional aircraft.



VRU Plus Smoke Hood


The VRU+ (Victim Rescue Unit Plus) is a lightweight, self-contained protective breathing device, or smoke hood, for use in emergency egress and escape situations.   The unit takes just seconds to don and provides 360° visibility while supplying aviation grade oxygen to the wearer for up to 60 minutes. The VRU+ smoke hood protects a user’s head and vision from fire and smoke.  The VRU+ also provides protection to a user’s respiratory system from toxic gases, nerve agents like Sarin and choking agents like Mustard gas.

System Application

The performance and versatility of the VRU+ has made it the protective smoke hood of choice for U.S. government agencies, military, law enforcement, homeland defense, first responders, high-rise building occupants and industrial companies both domestically and overseas.

Users of the VRU+ include:

  • U.S. Navy
  • U.S. Coast Guard
  • U.S. Senate
  • U.S. House of Representatives
  • U.S. Customs
  • United Nations General Security Details
  • Washington D.C. Court System
  • U.S. State Government Agencies
  • Canadian Government
  • Australian Government

First responders can also use the VRU+ as an oxygen supply on a conscious or an unconscious individual in a hazardous environment.  By placing the VRU+ on a victim, they can provide a lightweight, breathable air source to assist their escape.

The VRU+ dons quickly in 15 seconds or less.  Its one-size-fits-all design simply slips over the head.  There is no mouthpiece or nose clip to impede communication and the smoke hood allows for corrective or protective eyewear with no restrictions.

The VRU+ smoke hood features a self-contained oxygen supply that completely protects the user in an oxygen-deficient environment.  This differs from a filter mask that must clean poisonous outside air to make it fit to breathe.

At only 2 lbs., the VRU+ is the lightest and most comfortable smoke hood available.  The VRU+ will last up to 60 minutes for an average male, sitting, waiting for rescue.

The VRU+ smoke hood has a maintenance-free 10-1/2 year life span.

Click here to watch a VRU+ Smokehood Inspection and Donning video.



The Mounted Medical Oxygen System (MMOS) is a low pressure, portable 4.0 liter liquid oxygen storage and gaseous delivery system, capable of supplying up to 3440 gaseous liters of oxygen at a maximum flow rate of 30 liters per minute at 50 psig.  Two built-in flow control valves deliver oxygen to a patient at flow rates from 0.5 to 15 liters per minute.  Two accessory ports can supply 50 psi of oxygen to other medical devices or to oxygen regulators for additional patients.  The MMOS has been successfully tested to work in tandem with commonly used ventilators.  Weighing just 35 pounds when full, the MMOS is easily carried by ground support personnel and can also be mounted in an aircraft, helicopter or ground vehicle.  The MMOS requires no external power and uses just one 9-Volt battery for the quantity indicator.  The system has been tested to MIL-STD-810 and has FDA Life Support device 510(k) number K113767.

ECAT Contract Number SPE2D1-16-D-0007.

The BMOS-FS Hose Kit connects the MMOS to the BMOS-FS for refilling.



The Backpack Medical Oxygen System (BMOS) is a low pressure, portable 2.0 liter liquid oxygen storage and gaseous delivery system, capable of supplying up to 1720 gaseous liters of oxygen at a maximum flow rate of 15 liters per minute at 50 psig.  A built-in flow control valve delivers oxygen to a single patient at flow rates from 0.5 to 15 liters per minute.  A secondary accessory port can supply 50 psi of oxygen to other medical devices or to an oxygen regulator for a second patient.  The BMOS has been successfully tested to work in tandem with commonly used ventilators.  Weighing just 19 pounds when full, the BMOS can be carried or worn by parachutists and ground support personnel.  The BMOS requires no external power and uses just six AA-batteries for the quantity indicator.  The system has been tested to MIL-STD-810.

ECAT Contract Number SPE2D1-16-D-0007.

Click here to watch the BMOS and MMOS Instructional Video on Inspection, Filling, Draining and Purging.